Ebell Club of Fullerton


2019 Club Calendar

Jan 4               General Meeting

Jan 11             OD Council Meeting, Phoenix Club

Jan 23             Board Meeting

Jan 29             Club Valentine Lunch


Feb 1               General Meeting

Feb 27             Board Meeting

March 1          General Meeting

March 8          OD Council Meeting, Phoenix Club

March 27       Board Meeting

April 5             General Meeting

April 14          Club Tea

April 24          Board Meeting

May 3             General Meeting

May 22           Board Meeting

June 7             General Meeting

The Ebell Club of Fullerton provides many fun social activities.  Each year they hold a Festival of Trees in December and a Tea in the Spring.  In addition to these large events small events such as Halloween Bingo Party, Summer Day in the Park,  and excursions are held for both the members and guests.

The club also has a very active sections such as  crafts, canasta and bookworms.  There is something for everyone.